lady smoking crack in bed.

Uncontrolled Sex Urge From Crack

When the word “crack sex” is mentioned, what comes to mind is the perfect euphoria that is described in fiction – the eccentric crack sex stories. However, the reality of having sex on crack is

When the word “crack sex” is mentioned, what comes to mind is the perfect euphoria that is described in fiction – the eccentric crack sex stories. However, the reality of having sex on crack is best referred to as “disastrous pleasure.” I know this because I was a victim who learned the reality of the life-threatening dangers that are associated with the short term euphoria of smoking crack sex.

How do crack and sex work together? Crack is a cocaine freebase, and it directly affects the brain by releasing dopamine when used. Since crack is either inhaled or smoked, the level of its potency is quite massive because it has direct access to your bloodstream through the lungs and can easily circulate to your brain within a few seconds of ingestion. This results in a quick high that begins within moments of use.

The first time I tried crackhead sex was at an in-house party a friend invited me to. Initially, I was feeling repulsive because I was very uncomfortable with the atmosphere and everything I was seeing. My inhibitions disappeared the moment crack was set on fire, and I inhaled the smoke. I could feel my hormones rising to their peak. The feeling was like nothing I had felt before, and that moment, all I wanted was to have sex – with whoever was available. Within minutes, it was a matter of crackheads having sex. I can confidently say right now that I would not recommend this behavior to anyone, but sex with crackheads at that moment was exhilarating and breathtaking.

After that day, everything changed, and regular sex became extremely boring to me. My sexual demands were channeled towards the euphoria of crack cocaine and sex. Though I got it, I realized that the cravings were insatiable – the more I got was, the more I craved. My girlfriend left me due to my incessant pleas for sex with a crackhead as she wasn’t going to give in.

Though crack has similar effects as regular cocaine, it can also vary based on gender. Crack and sexuality is an area I wished I was knowledgeable about before experimenting with smoking crack and sex. For a man on crack, there will be a feeling of euphoria and increased sexual urge that will reduce the safe practice of sex – like unprotected sex. This may lead to the contraction of STIs and STDs such as HIV, hepatitis C, gonorrhea, and many more. Other effects may range from dependence and addiction to crack, malnutrition, cognitive decline, and a general loss of control over one’s sexual life.

In the case of a woman on crack, though one would also be prone to addiction and contraction of sexually transmitted diseases/infections, the effects are more dangerous. With female crack addicts, one will also experience an intense feeling of euphoria and a lack of sexual inhibition with an increased sexual drive. Becoming a crack freak that is very receptive to sexual advances is a strong possibility for a woman. It can lead to the habit of welcoming crazy and extreme sexual ideas like BDSM. Apart from the physical damage that this may have on you, it can also cause mental and emotional problems. Most importantly, women on crack may be prone to unwanted pregnancies or giving birth to a baby that suffers from crack addiction symptoms.

Though crack affected my life negatively, especially my sexual life, I was lucky to get adequate treatment and support in time, which is not always the case for everyone. Summarily, I would say crack cocaine sex is not worth the feel-good euphoria derived from it.