About Me

This blog is based on my journey towards a sober life. I’ve been debating whether or not I was going to do this. If I didn’t tell my story, I would feel like I would deprive someone of helping someone trying to break away from their addiction. On my path to being clean and sober, I made a promise never to turn away anyone who needed help.

So who am I? My name is Chris. I’m a musician from Chicago. And at one point, I was addicted to crack cocaine.

You’re probably wondering if I was one of those kids that grew up in a broken home. Nope. Far from it. I grew up in a family that was neither rich nor poor. I was a kid who spent his summers mowing lawns in my suburban Chicago neighborhood. “You work hard, kid. You’re going to go places,” one of them said after handing me a crisp $10 bill — a reward for a hard day’s work.

I would spend that hard earned money on something I’ve wanted — tickets to a Cubs game, a Michael Jordan jersey, video games. Name one thing a teenager would buy, and I earned my way to get it. My parents were hard-working middle-class folks. They loved me, and I loved them back.

After graduating from high school with good grades, I decided to take a year off. The summer of my graduation, my friends and I decided to go to a party. This was one of many decisions that I would soon later regret. I often wondered what life would be like if I decided not to go.

Instead of dwelling on my past decisions, I can only teach you what I know from them. I invite you to read through my story. You’ll learn how I became addicted, how it affected me, and how I conquered my addiction.